Photo by Jasmine Rashid.

Photo by Jasmine Rashid.


Voices is a daily, student-run news and media publication that witnesses, teaches, and listens to the multiple truths of Swarthmore. At Voices, people understand the power of their words. The publication focuses on Audre Lorde's notion that “your silence will not protect you,” opening up critical campus conversations, reflecting the perspectives and protecting the livelihoods of those who are marginalized through advocacy, listening, and empowerment. The Voices Collective celebrates and values our individual and shared experiences. We all have a mission of making this world a better place through social action. We ask the question: Whose stories get told and why? We ultimately strive to tell stories that too often go untold or unheard, as we remain grounded in radical love for the communities of which we are a part, keeping in mind the ever-important notion that journalism is a critical form of activism.  

We are not a spectacle. We do not exist on this campus to be tokenized. We are not to be treated as the “diverse people” on the front of a college brochure, and we are not statistics to be gloated about. We are humans with boundless visions. This publication is a space for us to talk about real issues that affect our communities and to have discussions that foster growth in our minds, souls, and hearts.

Our sections include, but are not limited to,

  • Stories (Relevant news on campus)

  • Perspectives (Opinions, perspectives and statements)

  • Culture (Celebrating our identities)

  • Phenomenal Writings (Short fiction/Poetry)

Welcome to the Collective.


In Solidarity,        

The Voices Collective