Frequently asked questions


What are you?

Voices is a daily student-run news and media publication.


Who is supporting you?

Our publication is officially chartered, with a fully staffed Editorial Board. We are on Swarthmore’s domain and fully funded by the College.


Can I be unsubscribed from your mailing list?

Of course! You can do so by going to the bottom of any email you have received. 


I’m IN A privileged position. i don't really have anything to say about my own experiences. I want to be an ally, and will help in the way that is most needed from me. How can I participate?

It is integral that you want to be an ally. This platform is for everyone. We need allies on this platform, too, to hold the community accountable for our mission. News is our most intensive section, as we publish news daily, so we need the most hands. If you have nothing to say to make your voice heard and rather want to lift up others, this is probably the best avenue for you. You can report the stories of marginalized people without putting your own voice into it. Before doing so, you will undergo an intensive training—as all our writers do. This way, we help train you to have a journalistic voice that will benefit you now and after your time at Swarthmore.


I want to write a Perspectives piece, but I fear I come from a privileged position that might counteract that of a marginalized person. What do I do?

Ask yourself, firstly, if your perspective is one that would not be heard elsewhere. Are you concerned with reliable campus journalism and making sure marginalized voices are heard, or do you just want to have the microphone yet again? Is there someone you know of who will be able to speak better from that experience? If you still feel you want to particularly be a part of Voices’ opinions section, then you can email or reach out to our Perspectives Editors.


How is your publication prioritizing marginalized voices while also being unbiased in news?

In our news, we use SPJ’s Code of Ethics to discern between journalistic integrity and moral standards. News is unbiased in its approach as a story of the event covered and not an opinion. We cover all sides of the story as needed. Perspectives pieces are prioritized for marginalized voices in whichever form they may exist as long as these pieces are well-researched, exhaustive and non-offensive. Furthermore, editors' opinions do not represent those of the entire Voices Collective. 


How can Voices be a place for critical discourse if certain opinions aren’t allowed? Are y’all really being as inclusive as you say you are?

Voices is a place for well-researched, exhaustive news and opinions. Voices publishes a wide-range of opinions and news and does not discriminate on any basis. Our publication does not tolerate racism, sexism, classism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, Islamophobia, anti-Semitism. We do not pretend these views don’t exist, but we also do not normalize them. Being “unbiased” in situations of human injustices is being complicit, often, in the murder and further marginalization of Black, Indigenous, and trans people, and the oppression of all those at the margins. We will discuss multiple perspectives, but will not do so in a way that demonizes or misrepresents marginalized people, and do not tolerate unabashed, baseless ignorance as a mere “side,” of traditional conservative/liberal polarization. Voices takes its credibility very seriously. We have, in our Perspectives section, concrete policy of what makes a piece racist and/or oppressive in nature, and what being well-researched means for any topic. On any side of the spectrum, Voices will hold Perspectives writers accountable. These overarching views of society are ample and will still be acknowledged and discussed by the community—but will not exist impartially in its op-ed section. Publication of a Perspectives piece is not an endorsement of that opinion.

Where can I share feedback?

We want to be constantly collecting feedback to make sure that we are accurately serving the population we seek as intended by our founder, Lindsey Norward '18. The anonymous form can be found here. Please be as detailed and honest as possible.


i have a story that i want to tell. how do i contact voices?

For any requests for a piece, reach out to our email at You can also contact our Editor-In-Chief, Tiffany Wang ‘21 at or our Managing Editor, Olivia Robbins '21 at If you are concerned about your safety, but would still like to submit a piece, fill out our anonymous tip line below. There is no guarantee that your anonymous submission will be published. 


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