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A Foot in Each Boat: Harsha Sen

“I try to live my politics to the extent possible and talk about my life in my art…  It's cool that I've got all these white kids at Swarthmore listening to a song that's half Bengali. They can't pronounce the f**king name of the song. That sh*t is dope.” Harsha Sen ‘19

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Thomas Stanton Releases Debut Album "LATR"

“I’m just content to be showing off these talents God had blessed me with. They’ve allowed me to get this far, they’ve allowed me to make this project, allowed me to tell my story. I’m content to keep being that person as long as I possibly can. I would expect some big things in the future, like, this is by no means the end, this is only the beginning. I’m just glad to be along for the ride.” Thomas Stanton ‘19

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Black Swatties team together during Black History Month to discuss their passions. In a society that consumes and profits from black culture, talent, and ambition while almost always refusing to acknowledge the humanity of black people and of blackness, Voices brings to light the individual and collective experiences of black Swatties' passions on and off campus. 

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PARRISH IS BURNING: The Interview with the Mind Behind It

Starting at 8:00 PM on Saturday, November 18th, Olde Club became the site of one of the many Pride Month events celebrating queer students. Return to the pounding music and electric atmosphere of “Parrish is Burning: A Drag Show.” Pride Month Planning Committee’s Romeo Luevano ‘19 organized both this semester’s drag show as well as the show this past April. This week, Voices caught up with him to chat about the planning and execution of this two hour event.

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On Tuesday, October 24th, 2017, members of the Swarthmore Community joined together during CIA Week's Kickoff in Sci Commons to discuss their identities, personal stories, signature traits, and some of their most prominent life experiences.

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