RnM Statement of Support for Students Sitting In

We, as members of Rhythm N’ Motion, want to show and demonstrate our support of the sit-in at the Phi Psi fraternity house led by Organizing for Survivors and the Coalition to End Fraternity Violence. We believe the survivors. We support the survivors and their allies as they occupy the fraternity. Administration’s failure to take any kind of action against the harm done by Phi Psi and Delta Upsilon is unacceptable. It also also unacceptable that Swarthmore Police and other authorities were contacted to try and end the peaceful and nonviolent protest. Students of color, in particular black students, international students, and undocumented students, were put at risk the moment authorities arrived at the scene. Swarthmore College and both fraternities have caused enough harm. Their silence and inaction speaks volumes to how they are complicit in the culture of sexual violence.

RnM has a political mission statement. We support and represent students who are underrepresented in the TriCo dance community. We draw on styles from the African Diaspora to work toward this aim. While we are not an affinity group, we are also affected by the sexual violence caused by the fraternities. People of color, womxn, and queer students make up most of Rhythm N’ Motion. These communities have been harmed the most by the fraternities on this campus. We belong in those spaces and have a right to be welcomed into the spaces without fearing for our physical, mental, and emotional well-being. We should not fear being sexually assaulted or harmed in any way when entering any space on our Campus or in the TriCo. It is obvious the frats do not respect minority communities. The 117-page Phi Psi minutes leak made it clear that this group targets minority communities in their jokes and threats. The administration has lacked any immediate action. Ending fraternity activity for a period of time is not enough, more must be done.

We call upon Swarthmore to terminate the leases, close the bedrooms, end all fraternity activity indefinitely, and reallocate the spaces to students who have been historically marginalized by the fraternities. Delta Upsilon and Phi Psi disbanding is a huge victory for student organizers. We acknowledge that this was not done by administration, and we thank the protesters who made it happen. We maintain demands to terminate leases and ban fraternities indefinitely, so that future students do not have to experience such violence.

We urge our members and other Tri-Co students to join the sit-in. Show that we want change and that we need immediate action. Show the administration that we will not stand silent when violence and harm are inflicted upon any member of our community. We also have attached the following articles for anyone who wishes to inform themselves of the events occuring on Swarthmore’s campus:





The Following Members of Rhythm N’ Motion Dance Company,

David A. Melo - Swarthmore College

Anika Varty - Bryn Mawr College

Morgan Fernandez - Bryn Mawr College

Bria Dinkins - Swarthmore College

Arianna Bernas - Bryn Mawr College

Lia D’Alessandro - Swarthmore College

Ashley Mbah- Swarthmore College

Maria Britt - Bryn Mawr College

Kevin Stewart-Mercurio – Swarthmore College

Cheaka Wilson - Swarthmore College

Manal Hussain - Bryn Mawr College

Francesca Rothell - Swarthmore College

Noelle Stockwell - Bryn Mar College

Arianna Bernas - Bryn Mawr College

Hope-Elizabeth Darris - Swarthmore College

Ivana-Ajee Dolic - Bryn Mawr College

Nathalie Baer Chan - Swarthmore College

Maliha Ashraf - Bryn Mawr College

Ainsley Victoria Clark Knox - Swarthmore College

Alaina Chen - Swarthmore College

Meena Chen - Swarthmore College

Therese Ton - Swarthmore College