Women's Softball Players Call on College to End Fraternity Leases

We, the players on the Swarthmore College Softball team, call on the College to end the leases granted to the fraternities on campus.

Primarily, we would like to recognize that the deplorable speech and violence from the documents released only represent one aspect of a nuanced cultural problem that extends far beyond the institutional framework of fraternities. Nonetheless, this very real, harmful behavior has indubitably been both exhibited and exacerbated by the presence of fraternities on the Swarthmore College campus, leaving no room to justify the continuation of spaces that enhance such behavior.

While we appreciate and stand by those fraternity members who have participated only positively within the community, it is evident that the violent consequences of fraternity culture (which, as mentioned, extend beyond the fraternities themselves) are in complete misalignment with the values of the College community. Any action that can be taken to limit the tangible damage that results from such toxic behavior is an action that we, as a community, have the clear responsibility to take.

Thus, in light of the documents and testimonies released, we wish to firmly condemn any and all targeted violence and call on the College to take the actions necessary to combat further damage. We are committed to a safe and inclusive campus community, and hope the proper action will be taken to bring us one step closer to this objective. This action includes coming up with a solution that adjusts the party scene to incorporate more funding and accessibility to spaces which will allow safer environments and eliminate the ability of one group to dominate party venues and planning.


The Members of the Swarthmore Softball Team