Members of Ultimate Frisbee Call for Termination of Fraternities

We, the undersigned members of the Swarthmore Ultimate Frisbee community, call on the College to not only terminate the fraternity leases, but to abolish the fraternities as a whole. The College must end the systems of violence fraternities have come to represent. We as a community support the demands put forth by O4S and the Coalition to End Fraternity Violence and stand in solidarity with the students staging a sit-in at the house currently leased to Phi Psi.

We are disappointed with the Swarthmore administrators’ glaring inaction. We urge them to take swift and decisive measures to abolish the college’s fraternities and to actively combat the broader culture of racism, homophobia, misogyny, and sexual violence that these organizations facilitate and represent. The termination of the fraternities’ leases, while important, must not be the administration’s sole action on this front, but rather an important step in a broader effort to make our campus a safer space for female, nonbinary, and marginalized students.

We are aware that fraternity culture is a symptom of broader issues to which our own teams and community are not immune. We recognize the role we have played in perpetuating these systems of violence in the past. We commit ourselves to combatting sexism, racism, and all forms of discrimination as they manifest themselves in our teams and in the wider campus community.

We recognize the emotional labor inherent in student activism and appreciate the leadership and courage of student organizers in O4S and the Coalition to End Fraternities.

In solidarity,

Eleanor Naiman ‘20

Lauren James ‘21

Richelle Robinson ‘20

Ray Sidener ‘21

Isabel Llosa ‘20

Gillie Tillson ‘21

Alexander Jin ‘19

Max Franklin ‘19

Emely Mendez ‘21

Dan Siegelman '19

Shane Jones ‘22

Michael Trainor ‘21

Susannah Broun ‘22

Iris Wang ‘21

Alexandra Ye ‘19

Jacob Weitzner ‘22

Maya Kikuchi ‘20

Emilie Shepherd ‘18

Muhaiminul Haque ‘18

Sam Gardner ‘19

Aanya Dalmia ‘19

Richard Chen ‘21

Keshav Patel ‘20

Hee Won Chung ‘20

Nathan Moreno-Mendelson '20

Miriam Stein ‘20

Charlie Fromm ‘22

Sidhika Tripathee ‘22

Vinay Keefe ‘21

Kevin Lai ‘18

Nhung Hoang ‘19

Evelien van Gelderen ‘21

Galek Yangzom ‘22

Dong Ok Kim ‘21

Esther Couch ‘21

Sam Wallach Hanson ‘18

Emily Cai ‘18

Rachel Sinex ‘22

Otis Peterson ‘22

Leo Posel ‘22

Adora Zhang ‘21

Sarah Chang ‘22

Geoffrey Cater ‘22

Mia Kwan ‘22

Sumi Onoe ‘21

Bethany Bronkema ‘22

Jonathan Solomon ‘20

Chelsea Semper ‘21

Sachie Hayakawa ‘13

Nathaniel Cox ‘22

George Rubin ‘21

Maddie Basil ‘22

Matt Elkins ‘14

Carlos Almeida ‘20

Adam Lloyd-Jones ‘22

Shakina Kirton ’19

Mel Stokes ‘22

David Lazere '16

Leila Selchaif ‘18

Bryce Wiedenbeck ‘08

Rye Buckley ‘20

Jack Cote ‘20

Charles Cole ‘21

Zachary James ‘13

Ben Goodman ‘17

Vija Lietuvninkas ‘14

Katherine Lima ‘20

Kevin Stewart-Mercurio ‘22

Matthieu Chalifour ‘20

Yanyi Liu ‘22

Frances Taschuk ‘10

Jasmine Xie ‘20

Benjamin Kussmaul ‘20

Daniel Lai ‘17

Ethan Chapman ‘19

Rebecca Norling-Ruggles ‘19

Abigail Henderson ‘15

Hyun Kyung Lee ‘21

Evan McNall ‘22

Miaomiao Hu ‘22

Lindsay Goldsmith-Markey ‘01

Rebecca Levine ‘17