Deshi Board Letter of Support for Coalition to End Fraternity Violence

We, as members of the Deshi board, are writing in support of the Coalition to End Fraternity Violence. The racist, sexist and homophobic leaked Phi Psi minute notes and the numerous personal experiences Swarthmore community members have had at the fraternities are not acceptable. We call on the college to permanently revoke the leases on the fraternities. In their refusal to terminate the fraternity leases, Swarthmore College is refusing to acknowledge the experiences of the members of our community and the evidence in the minutes of inappropriate and shocking behavior. 

Our organization believes in supporting people of color and minority groups and uplifting these groups as well as womxn, non-binary, queer and trans students. Several of the negative experiences of Swarthmore students as a direct result of the continued existence of fraternities affect these often silenced groups, and we will not stand for that. We call on Swarthmore College to revoke the fraternity leases permanently.

In solidarity,

Kaavya Arakoni, ‘21

Trina Paul, ‘21

Sagar Rao, ‘21

Shruthi Srivatsan, ‘21

Anuk De Silva, ’21