Women’s Lacrosse Players & Alumni Letter of Support For Coalition to End Fraternity Violence

We, members of the Women’s Lacrosse team past and present, call on the College to immediately and permanently revoke the leases given to the fraternities on its campus. As athletes, we understand that the safety of our teammates and fellow students is at stake here. As a team that has survivors among us, we feel it is especially important to stand up for our teammates, friends, and community. As athletes and specifically as members of the lacrosse program, we recognize our unique positionality within the college and we feel it is important to take a stance in order to combat racism, homophobia, transphobia, misogyny, and sexual violence in any way we can.

 We know that the testimonies given by some of our teammates as well as countless other survivors at this school speak volumes. We support and thank the resilient survivors and allies who are shouldering the difficult, burdensome, and crucial work of organizing. We stand by our incredibly courageous teammates who have spoken out and told their truths as well as the other students on this campus who have done the same. Fundamentally, we know that allowing fraternities to continue leasing houses is a statement that reveals which students this school prioritizes. The time to put a stop to this is now.

If Swarthmore College truly believes in fostering a campus life that might be free of such harm, it cannot wait to act any longer. The college must revoke the leases on these spaces so that our campus may begin to heal from the harm done historically and with every passing day. We want to advocate for that which ensures the safety of this campus. As student athletes representing this community every time we compete, we have a responsibility to hold the administration accountable for their lack of action against the fraternities. We demand the College act in the most concrete way to make its students safer.

Jean Dahlquist, Class of 2011

Tess Wild, Class of 2019

Kathryn Restrepo, Class of 2019

Betsy Cohen, Class of 2020

Eliza Wainwright, Class of 2019

Madison Kline, Class of 2021

Sadie Camilliere, Class of 2020

Susannah Blair, Class of 2008

Connie Bowen, Class of 2016

Emily Sokol, Class of 2018

Christina Labows, Class of 2018

Elizabeth Labows, Class of 2021

Allison Grein, Class of 2010

Caela Long, Class of 2016

Kelsey Hatzell, Class of 2009

Anna de Regt, Class of 2009

Ele Forbes, Class of 2005

Megan Ruoff, Class of 2022

Sophie Peipher, Class of 2020

Carey Pietsch, Class of 2010

Megan Jones, Class of 2020

Elyse Tierney, Class of 2015

Lily Fornof, Class of 2020

Nicole Vanchieri, Class of 2013

Samantha Panepinto, Class of 2013

Antonia Violante, Class of 2016

Maddie Williams, Class of 2012

Kathryn Clare Hafertepe, Class of 2021

Eleanor Miller, Class of 2022

Mia Capozzoli, Class of 2021

Ashley Pyon, Class of 2022

Lindsey Golden, Class of 2022

Taylor Chiang, Class of 2018

Nicole Distinto, Class of 2021