Swarthmore Men’s Basketball Players Letter on Fraternity Violence

Student-athletes on the current Swarthmore Men’s basketball team recently held a meeting to discuss the letter that we wanted to craft, and it can be assured that we seriously deliberated its content. While this response is not reflective of the positions of every member of the Swarthmore Men’s Basketball program, including those of coaches, alumni, and current players, it addresses some of our individual concerns regarding the end of fraternity violence and conditions that perpetuate this violence.

First and foremost, we do not condone any acts of sexual violence nor acts that express racist, sexist, homophobic, and transphobic attitudes. We recognize our privilege in this situation and declare our allyship in an effort to promote community healing. We acknowledge the accounts of survivors who have substantiated their stories on platforms such as Tumblr and other student publications, and we commend their bravery.

Individuals within our team support the elimination of any and all sexual violence that has occured at Swarthmore fraternities. We hope that the College Administration and the respective Task Force Committee will wholeheartedly fulfill their responsibility by reaching a resolution that will improve the social conditions of the entire Swarthmore community. We believe that administrators, the students on the Task Force, and the members of Organizing for Survivors should be fully entrusted with their collective roles in exercising due diligence to guarantee the end of fraternity violence. Our ultimate wish is that survivors receive the structural change that is required and that their grievances are heard and heavily considered in whatever outcome is reached.

Zac O’Dell ‘20

Peter Foggo ‘21

Cam Wiley ‘19

Ryan Ingram ‘21

Lee Martin ‘19

Alec White ‘21

Colin Shaw ‘22

Conor Harkins ‘21

George Visconti ‘22

Justin Tucker ‘22

Nate Shafer ‘20

Abass Sallah ‘21

Jared Groff ‘21

Julian Levin ‘22

Henry Cousineau ‘19

Jim Lammers ‘18

Robbie Walsh ‘18

Zack Yonda ‘18

Chris Bourne ‘17

Sam Lebryk ‘17

Brandon Patton ‘16

Andrew Kaufmann ‘18

Karl Barkley ‘15

Sean Thaxter ‘16