Swarthmore Indigenous Students Association and Alumni Call for Termination of Fraternity Leases

We, current and past members of the Swarthmore Indigenous Students Association, call on the College to immediately and permanently revoke the leases given to the fraternities on its campus. The recent leak of internal documents and tumblr page demonstrate that both campus fraternities, Phi Psi and Delta Upsilon, have a documented history of racism, misogyny, homophobia and especially sexual violence. These are institutions that perpetuate violence and harm. By allowing the fraternities to own these houses, we risk the safety and well-being of all Swarthmore students.

Native American women in this country experience violence at some of the highest rates. Over 4 in 5 Native women will experience violence in their lifetime. Over half of Native women will experience sexual violence in their lifetime. These numbers do not escape Swarthmore. So long as this institution is willing to protect perpetrators of violence on this campus by continuing the leases given to the fraternities, this institution is willing to contribute to these statistics.

For years students have called on the administration to take immediate interim and long term measures to prevent further harm. With full awareness of the ongoing threat our community faces, Andrew Barclay, Dean Miller, Dean Terhune, and President Valerie Smith, have all been complicit in allowing violence in the fraternities to continue. All the while, students on this campus are still at risk. In light of such inaction, we must center the voices and needs of survivors of harm perpetrated in these spaces and throughout campus. We fully support all of our members, current and alumni, who have experienced violence stemming from fraternities, and we stand in solidarity with everyone on this campus who has been so courageous to share their experiences.  

The situation is dire, and we cannot wait on any further deliberation. Swarthmore must make the decision to protect its students from the continual harm perpetuated by the fraternities and their constitutive members. We support the mission of Swarthmore Coalition to End Fraternity Violence and call on the College to immediately terminate the fraternity leases on our campus, and ban Phi Psi and Delta Upsilon.

-Aydan Prime, Class of 2019

-Sky Deswert, Class of 2019

-Jordan Reyes, Class of 2019

-Taty Hernandez, Class of 2019

-Julia Wakeford, Class of 2019

-Sierra Raskie Jeska, Class of 2022

-Avery Underwood, Class of 2022

- Sierra Sweeney Class of 2021

-Tessa Chambers, Class of 2019

-Samuel Leonard, Class of 2020

-Brian Acosta, Class of 2017

-Brent Stanfield, Class of 2014

-Michelle Castellanos, Class of 2016