SPAN Executive Board Letter of Solidarity with Coalition to End Fraternity Violence

We, the Executive Board of the Swarthmore Political Access Network (SPAN), stand in solidarity with the Coalition to End Fraternity Violence.

Over the past semesters, we have worked closely with administrators, faculty members, and political organizations on and off campus to make political engagement (and specifically voting) accessible to all members of the student body. Participation in the political process at all levels of governance is an integral component of a Swarthmore education, as well as civic life in general. Through political engagement––through voting, calling, emailing, marching, striking, sitting in––we must try always to make our voices heard. We must also hope that our collective shouts will be heard ringing through Washington, D.C., Harrisburg, Philadelphia… and Swarthmore College.

Our school’s current administration has taken strides in supporting student engagement in the electoral process off campus. Today, they have the opportunity to support the engagement of students on our campus and protect the health and safety of everyone in our community. We, as leaders of an initiative that seeks to bring together the student body and administrators to ensure that student voices are heard, request support of the sit-in and the Coalition’s demands.

With the recent release of fraternity documents, which merely served to confirm a continuing legacy of violence, and with the ongoing engagement of hundreds of students on campus, we join in the calls of those nonviolently demanding accountability, security, and change, and ask that our administrators do the same.


Robert Gunn ‘20

Ryan Arazi ‘21

Jacob Demree ‘19