Multi Letter of Solidarity with the Coalition to End Fraternity Violence

In writing this letter, we, the members of Multi board, express our full and unwavering support for the Coalition to End Fraternity Violence, Organizing For Survivors, and the principle of non-violent, direct action which has inspired the current peaceful protest and sit-in in the Phi Psi fraternity house. We stand with each of the brave and inspiring student activists in their calls for the suspension of fraternities and frat activity from Swarthmore’s campus, the immediate and permanent termination of fraternity leases, and the reallocation of the spaces occupied by Phi Psi and Delta Upsilon as transformative justice in praxis.

Multi is a student organization which strives to provide community and to uplift the voices of students of multicultural, multiracial, multiethnic, multireligious, and/or transracial adoptee heritages. We recognize that the persistence of fraternities at Swarthmore is in direct conflict with our mission. Documented in the “minutes” of fraternity brothers’ meetings are detailed accounts of disgustingly racist, sexist, misogynistic, homophobic, and generally hateful and bigoted language which often targets precisely those for whom Multi works to create a space founded in respect, acceptance, kindness, and love.

Phi Psi and Delta Upsilon, both implicitly and explicitly, have been sites of disproportionate bigotry, exclusion, and violence; operating without fear of consequence or disciplinary action, fraternity brothers continually and shamelessly perpetrate symbolic and literal harm against members of the Multi community and the larger campus community in their words and actions. The past two weeks have made it incredibly clear that the presence of Greek life and the goal of attaining a truly inclusive and equitable community cannot coexist.

We join with the 100+ students sitting in in the Phi Psi house, and many more advocating for the cause though not physically within the walls of the fraternity -- whether for fear of retaliation from brothers, for the sake of their mental health, and/or as a result of their own trauma, among a variety of other reasons -- to demand that the College put an immediate end to such deferential treatment. Every day that the College chooses silence and neutrality is another day that administrative inaction sides with perpetrators of violence over the survivors of this violence. And so, in our outrage but also in our hope and vision for a better Swarthmore, we stand with the Coalition and ask Swarthmore’s administration: do not remain complicit any longer. Terminate the leases. Stand with survivors of sexual assault and fraternity violence. And allow the victims of that harm to take back and transform the sites of their suffering for good.

In solidarity,

The members of Multi Board:

Gene Witkowski

Kieran Huang

Adero Kauffmann-Okoko

Alyssa Ogle

Emma Lee Miller

Sierra Sweeney

Helen Tumolo