Men’s Golf Seniors Letter of Support for Coalition to End Fraternity Violence

We, Vamsi Damerla, Dan Altieri, and Chris Zhang, as varsity athletes, call on the College to immediately and permanently revoke the leases given to the fraternities on its campus. The long history of violence and exclusion that the fraternities have had on campus is antithetical to Swarthmore’s values and commitment to students. We recognize that as athletes, we represent our school and community whenever we compete, and therefore ask the administration to represent us, instead of a small group of students. We feel that it is important to speak out when we see bigotry, misogyny, or any kind of hatred given a platform in the Swarthmore community.

While we understand that there are plenty of fraternity members who contribute greatly to the community and have done no harm in their time at Swarthmore, those members who have been party to hateful speech and sexual violence have created a toxic environment. This problem is systemic. It cannot be solved by simply training individuals, it requires wholesale change. If Swarthmore College truly believes in fostering a campus life that might be free of such harm, it cannot wait to act any longer.

As athletes, we are wholeheartedly committed to fostering a positive, inclusive, and safe campus environment. We hope that this letter contributes in some way to ensuring that can be a reality.