Members of Cross Country and Track & Field Call for Termination of Fraternity Leases

We, past and present members of the Women’s and Men’s Swarthmore College Cross Country and Track & Field teams, call on the College to immediately and permanently revoke the leases given to the fraternities on its campus. As athletes, we understand that the safety of our teammates and fellow students is at stake. As a co-ed team, we attempt to foster a culture of mutual respect between male, female, non-binary, and genderfluid athletes. As such, we feel it is important to fight together, as the collective Swarthmore Cross Country and Track & Field community, to combat racism, homophobia, transphobia, misogyny, and sexual violence in any way we can.

The testimonies given by some of our teammates, as well as countless other survivors at this school, clearly document the patterns of sexual violence that have occurred in both Phi Psi and Delta Upsilon houses. We stand by our incredibly courageous teammates who have spoken out and told their truths as well as the other students on this campus who have done the same. We want to acknowledge that should any current or former fraternity member choose to speak out against the harm that has transpired in fraternities, and in favor of terminating the leases, we will support them in doing so. Fundamentally, we know that allowing fraternities to continue leasing houses is a threat to student safety. The time to put a stop to this is now.

If Swarthmore College truly believes in fostering a campus life that might be free of such harm, it cannot wait to act any longer. The college must revoke the leases on these spaces so that our campus may begin to heal from the harm done historically and with every passing day. We want to advocate for that which ensures the safety of this campus. As student-athletes representing this community, we have a responsibility to hold the administration accountable for their lack of action against the fraternities. We demand the college immediately act to make its students safer. We support the mission of Swarthmore Coalition to End Fraternity Violence and call on the College to terminate the fraternity leases on our campus indefinitely.


Sincerely, the following Cross Country and Track & Field Athletes:


Sydney Covitz ‘20

Bria Dinkins ‘21

Graham Doskoch ‘20

Grayson Mick ‘21

Brendan Penfold ‘22

Nora Blodgett ‘22

Kenzie Himelein-Wachowiak ‘19

Clay Conley ‘20

Lucas Heinzerling ‘20

Kayla Camacho ‘19

Maddie Farber ‘22

Sierra Sweeney ‘21

Robert Eppley ‘19

Justin Snyder ‘21?

Judah Raab ‘21

Ben Hejna ‘19

Adil Belgaumi ‘20

Emma Novak ‘21

Jean-Baptiste Robert ‘21

Tristan Alston ‘22

Benjamin Warren ‘19

Hannah Sobel ‘22

Eric Chen ‘20

Elliot Kenaston ‘21

Lauren Holt ‘21

Celia Parts ‘22

Keyan Shayegan ‘22

Ethan Rothenberg ‘22

Jonah Covitz ‘22

Mirayda Martinez ‘20

Rasheed Bryan ‘20

Paul Seth ‘22

Saadiq Garba ‘19

Greta Studier ‘19

Maya Zimmerman ‘21

Jordan Reyes ‘19

Nick Pugliano ‘20

Max Park ‘21

Tristan Walker-Andrews ‘22

Rachel Vresilovic ‘20

Alex Flowers ‘21

Xiaojing Zeng ‘19

Simran Khanna ‘19

Vaughn Parts ‘20

Madison Snyder ‘21

Sayaka Vaules ‘20

Sarah Smith ‘21

Lilly Price ‘20

Evan Baker ‘20

William Frank Kenny ‘20

William Colgan ‘19

Scout Hayashi ‘22

Thandiwe McMillan '20