Kitao Board Letter of Solidarity With Coalition to End Fraternity Violence

As an organization, Kitao Gallery is deeply committed to crafting an inclusive and nurturing space where the entire Swarthmore community can practice and appreciate the arts. Therefore, we deeply object to the racist, sexist, homophobic, classist culture of the fraternities evidenced by the recently leaked Phi Psi minute notes and the continued experiences of many community members. We stand in full solidarity with the efforts of Organizing 4 Survivors and the Coalition to End Fraternity Violence.  

As a former fraternity space, we demonstrate the generative potential of these campus buildings. Instead of exclusive organizations that perpetuate violence and hate, these could be spaces that benefit the entire community. By refusing to terminate the fraternity leases, Swarthmore College undermines our campus’ ability to be a safe and welcoming environment.

We are an organization dedicated to enriching and strengthening our community through creative collaboration, teaching and learning opportunities, exhibitions of student work, inclusive social gatherings, and partnerships with affinity groups. We ask that Swarthmore College aid us in our mission by terminating the leases. By refusing to do so, the college remains complicit in the perpetuation of sexual violence and prioritizes a historically oppressive institution over the wellbeing of survivors. Kitao demands the administration take accountability for the safety of all students; this must require the termination of fraternity leases.


Kitao Board

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