Sync Up for Zero Waste (SZW) Stands in Solidarity with Coalition to End Fraternity Violence

We, current members of SZW, ask the College to permanently revoke the leases and ban the fraternities; to see how fraternities on this campus have for decades stood as a symbol of exclusion, patriarchal domination, and sexual violence; and to realize the beauty and pride that this coalition is for this college: one that shows the power in light and celebration in the face of overwhelming destructive forces. The recent leaks of the internal fraternity documents only show how infection festers in spaces like these. We fully stand by and are proud of the community members that have stood up and spoken so eloquently against them. We believe that to grow as a community is to fully acknowledge the harm that has been committed and the darkness that does exist within us and to weed them out and tend to the seeds of new opportunities. These fraternities must go, but the learning and recreating of Swarthmore has just begun.

Fraternities are a waste of space, a waste of resources and -- most pressing of all -- a cause of unnecessary suffering. Fraternities are inherently exclusive spaces. Since fraternities are accessible to only a fraction of our population which is also up to the judgment and discretion of fraternity members, this space is literally wasted on most of Swarthmore’s campus. They are also insular, and all the resources poured into them are not reflected back in the community. They have perpetuated so much preventable harm that they have drained the energy, time, and painful, painful hours of too many people of this campus. These are not a few disconnected instances, but a cycle of harm.

The failure to act on the College’s part is the silent endorsement of this cycle of harm that encompasses violent, racist, homophobic, misogynistic and elitist energies. We do not believe every fraternity member is a harborer of these mentalities, but we ask fraternity brothers to realize how these houses, how the fraternities’ legacies, and how their parties are manifestations of them.

SZW will continue to stand with Swarthmore Coalition to End Fraternity Violence, for they align with our values of community, accountability, and celebration. We will fight for justice on this campus, and we ask the College to recognize that the end goal is a more connected community, one where every member of the campus can hold party spaces in equal ways, one where social spaces are not wasted on the few and exclusionary, and one where more relationships on this campus can be grown.


Vanessa Meng ‘20

Lilly Price ‘20

Alana Ballagh ‘22

Luke Durkee ‘22

Meena Chen ‘21

Quincy Ponvert ‘22

Daniel Pantini ‘22

Magda Werkmeister ‘22

Selina Ye ‘20

Tessa Hannigan ‘20

Hannah Stern Pait ‘22

Tiye Pulley ‘19

Austin Yanez ‘21

Emma Dulski ‘22

Amalia Lee-Gelpi ‘20

Istra Fuhrmann ‘19

Meena Chen ‘21

Sierra Raskie Jeska ‘22

Atticus Maloney ‘22

Inna Kimbrough ‘21

Wen Seng ‘22

Tai Warner ‘19

Sagnik Gayen ‘20

Aaron Urquidez ‘22