Swarthmore Serenity Soular Stands in Solidarity with Coalition to End Fraternity Violence

We, current and past members of the Swarthmore Serenity Soular, call on the College to immediately and permanently revoke the leases given to the fraternities on its campus. Fraternities are inherently exclusive spaces, which have proven time and time again to contribute to the marginalization and endangerment of Swarthmore students. We believe in centering the voices and needs of survivors of harm perpetrated in these spaces and throughout campus; continuing to allow fraternity housing to exist on this campus is antithetical to the safety and well-being and health of Swarthmore College.

 Allowing fraternities to maintain their leases, especially in light of the violent, racist, homophobic, misogynistic, elitist actions and language historically and currently documented, directly contradicts those values which Serenity Soular stands for. We fully support all those who have experienced violence stemming from fraternities, and we stand in solidarity with those who have spoken out so eloquently and so bravely about their experiences. 

We see failure to speak up as a silent endorsement of the culture and harm that the existence of these fraternity houses has allowed for years. We call on Swarthmore to protect its students from the continual, daily harm perpetuated by the presence of fraternities. We support the mission of Swarthmore Coalition to End Fraternity Violence and call on the College to terminate the fraternity leases on our campus permanently. We also recognize that violent, racist, homophobic, misogynistic and elitist actions will not end with the fraternities. We are along for the ride, and will continue to fight for justice on this campus even after the power of the students brings about the end of fraternities.


In solidarity and love,

Lilly Price ‘20

Franz Chee ‘21

Nathan Anderson ‘19

Daria Syskine ‘22

Kassidi Cheng ‘21

Ananya Bhattacharya ‘21

Susannah Broun ‘22

Allison Naganuma ‘20

Max Katz-Balmes ‘20