Letter of Support for the Coalition to End Fraternity Violence from Men’s Soccer Players

We, the undersigned members of the Swarthmore College men’s soccer team, join the Coalition to End Fraternity Violence, the RAs, Swat Team, several other sports teams, and many others in our community to call for the end of the fraternity leases. The termination of the fraternity leases is a necessary step toward making Swarthmore safer, more inclusive, and more welcoming for all students and especially for students who do not come from privileged backgrounds. We commend the courage and sacrifice of many survivors who have pushed tirelessly for change despite frustration with the pace of progress and apathy from many people on campus, including many of us earlier in the process.

We were appalled by the contents of the Phi Psi documents released last week, as well as posts on the Swarthmore fraternities Tumblr. They indicate a culture of racism, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, classism, and normalized sexual violence. We have previously denounced misogynistic “locker room talk” and any language and behavior that degrades or dehumanizes people. We strive for an internal team culture that is welcoming and inclusive. These commitments should not be limited to our own locker room, though, so we are joining the call to end the fraternity leases as a first step toward a more equitable and safe community.

Simultaneously, we acknowledge that the fraternities are often associated with sports teams and involved in an athletics culture that includes us. It’s a culture that many of us accepted as normal when we arrived at Swarthmore, but it has become clear to us that fraternities cause harm and protect those who cause it and that our tacit support of the fraternities has allowed that harm to persist. Acknowledging our complicity means recognizing that our initial conceptions of the fraternities were wrong and striving to be conscious of the roles we play in campus social life. We are committed to reimagining our role on campus as allies and supporters of efforts to make Swarthmore a safer and more inclusive campus.

Sincerely, the following men’s soccer players:

Yuheng Wang

Cameron Ricciardi

Omri Gal

Oliver Steinglass

Nick Ambiel

Zach Viscusi

Jason Meuth

Charley Ward

Michael Gross

Francis Eddy Harvey

Joseph Barile

Sam Rothstein

Felix Laniyan

Quentin Millette

Harrison Hotham

Luke Neureiter

Ben Lau

Conor Gill

Christian Andrés “Frijol” Alfaro De La Rosa

Ian Withy-Berry

Woojin Shin

Patterson Malcolm

Ayodeji George

Harry Nevins