In Response to White Survivalists

what do you see

when you picture the apocalypse?

a backpack tucked in the corner of a closet

saved for a rainy day

a pocket knife


200 feet of rope

you are ready for anything

you know fire


scraped knees

you are ready for the end

relish in the image

of mud matted down in your




I have already seen the end of the world

It is blood on my 



_____ father’s hands

it is the pink in my cheeks

it is genocide

it is lives that will never be re-learned


it is more loss than your lips can learn to swallow

it is the language i was born 

falling into

trained to wrap my tongue around

it is a footnote in your 400 page textbook

on US history

it is the last page in your world atlas

it is a military base

it is empty bottles

caught in the skeleton of a coral reef

it is waves 

breaking down

washing the broken glass back

beneath my feet