Announcement from O4S: We Can No Longer Wait

O4S has decided that we can no longer wait on the administration to take the actions that they promised us almost one year ago. Where is President Smith?

Last Spring, O4S met with President Smith and other stakeholders in policy meetings wherein each demand was discussed and implementation was negotiated. While imperfect, these meetings started the process of transforming Swarthmore’s harmful responses to sexual violence into safer and more just practices. Not only have many of those promises been abandoned, but so has the entire process of transparent collaboration.

We will not allow Swarthmore to continue to abandon survivors of sexual violence. As we face even more threats to justice, such as Betsy DeVos’s upcoming regulations and increased biased policing by Pub Safe, we cannot afford further negligence. We will be demonstrating our refusal to accept administrative silence every day until President Smith agrees to meet with us and continue our policy meetings.

We hold the administration responsible for the ongoing violence and harm on Swarthmore’s campus so long as they refuse to even begin this work. Join us tonight, Wednesday, Feb 6th from 6-7 in the IC big room for our first open meeting of the semester.