178: In Which He Grieves for His Tongue

One man’s trash is One Man™’s colonial outrage

One Man™ refuses to speak his own words

Cut One Man™’s heart and off with his head

His own words bridge gaps with more gaps

His own words fail to beat hearts that stretch across the world

One Man™ is a map of post-Cold-War failed hegemonic structures and

One Man™ bleeds but his Khoon is rust

One Man™ is a chessboard broken by White Knights that domesticate my castle and turn other into another

One Man™ is English as a Second Language as silver turns to gold and Urdu gets kicked off its pedestal in my breath

One Man™ is Western Intervention on my aftertaste and refugees on my tastebuds

and One Man™ calls Chicken Tikka Masala the home he never wanted and Tea Tea Lattes are Diet Insults and I am an insult to my diet

One Man™ fails to find Urdu in his heart

In his tongue

In his stomach

So One Man™ accepts his loss and prays for the God of His Vocabulary

Zain TalukdarComment