"Hunger," "Eucharist," and "Resuscitation”: A Trio of Poems


Pop of a button

Like a clam, the doors

open and clamp shut

revealing four steel walls

reflecting back one

ding! the metal maw

gapes wide open

and another steps

onto her carpeted tongue

a face I recognize

his eyes light up like birthday candles

flickering in the dusk breeze

and his mouth gives me that electric smile

warm and dimpled and mischievous

his chest rises and falls like

those rough waves he used to surf

and his iconic maroon skinny jeans

are as tight as we were two years ago


the jaws of metal slide open

and I’m alone.


A mob of humans descends

on my wounded watermelon pink body.

Consume of my sweet flesh,

this gift from me to you. and

sip of my dribbling fountain of sap.

Suck it up as if through a straw

Slurp! Slurp! All that remains of

me is a husk, which you cradle in your arms

until your children break me open

like a pinata! Smack! Crack!

The pitter-patter of seeds raining down

coated in my mushy feelings


my pulse returns to my corpse

as my chest rises and falls like an empire

I sit up in the icy morgue

and begin my unsteady walk toward the door

I’m embraced by my family in the funeral parlor

wooden walls and the scent of pine

hand in hand, we leave for home

that pink shuttered red house in suburbia

just a car ride away

I return to my favorite armchair

armed with my laptop

the pitter-patter of paws

joins me

and together we type this out