So I’ve gained 10, sorry 20, more like 10,000 pounds since I last saw you.

It’s bad. The streets of this new city have been tumbling down my throat while I sleep.

Yesterday I woke up overflowing with the homeless

A week before I spit up glass from our broken car window

Tomorrow an incomplete mural will emerge from my mouth wet, glistening in the sun.

This city is interesting but it leaves a weird taste in my mouth.

I watch the rich and prosperous drink cocktails three streets away from the bus stop

The 3 people who sleep there won’t let this place settle in my stomach.

Makes me want to start swallowing the upper crust instead

Maybe Priuses and garbage bags full of organic fruit will go down easier.

My barber called one of his customers a honky after he left in his pickup

And I laughed so hard I almost forgot I’m from a nowhere town too.

Like I said, this city leaves a weird taste almost everywhere.

I think they’re all sick. I guess I’m a part of this now

Cause I can’t close my eyes without choking on my own spit.