SQU Board Letter of Solidarity with SJP

We, as board members of SQU and of the broader Swarthmore community, have come together to issue a statement of solidarity with Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP). We would like to formally support SJP’s demands to stop the distribution of Sabra Hummus on campus and we urge the college to take the steps that it should have back when this campaign first started on campus in 2012. As SJP has mentioned in an article that we have linked below, after student protest the college had stopped putting Sabra (a company that has ties to many human rights violations in Occupied Palestinian Territories) products on its shelves for some time, but has now started again.

We recognize that queer and trans liberation cannot take place without Palestinian liberation as well. Because of that, we vow to put our time and resources into helping aid SJP in their movement. We pledge to support SJP in their actions (such as the rally this Wednesday in Parrish at 4:15), and commit to showing up for them in all of the various capacities that we are able to, and encourage others to do the same.

We encourage our membership and the broader Swarthmore Community to spend some time to get educated on SJP and the broader BDS (Boycott Divestment Sanctions) movement for Palestinian Liberation. We commit ourselves as board members to dedicating our time, resources and support at our individual capacities to do so, and hope that others will join. A comprehensive article about the Sabra boycott at Swarthmore can be found here. The link to the SJP petition can be found here.


In Solidarity,

SQU Board