when you


my mind?


The leaves you saw crinkle pleasantly,

the contributions they give to our eyes

matter to me, at least.

Even at their cycle’s end

The gift of color shakes

our shape-shifting cornucopia of cones and our conglomeration of insecurities.



when you


my mind?


Yes, the November sky sets a bit early

but it still shakes us. It tints itself with

twilight as day turns to night today, tonight

Complementarity of existence

Lived through complementarity of color!

Blue and orange coalesce in your maker’s

palette so smoothly and seamlessly

And you don’t even take the time to notice.



when you

played with

my mind?


You see these familiar teardrops

Her eyes crinkle, her rosy cheeks elevate

her entire face, the lines by her eyelids

a blessed fingerprint that you memorized

and damn doesn’t it feel powerful?

This is ours.

And yes, you have noticed it before.

But did it ever occur to you that

those tear drops fall upon you everywhere

you look?


But remember

when you


my mind?


The way I see it now

If we were gone

Hundreds upon hundreds

would feel the effects

Our legacy is far too guaranteed

for you to question that

Do you feel that?

You attempt to shake our foundation

with your weapons of mass confusion

But little do you know

We’re held up by nature’s finest work

Work that I appreciate

That I remind you of

That I am grateful for

That I take the time to appreciate

That I desperately cling to

While you just wallow in your sadness

And I feel the effects of you

Do you really not get it?

Does this register

in your narrow

minded head?




when I


my mind?


Don’t answer that question,

Just wallow and squirm

While I forsake you

For my own sake