DU Statement in Regards to Title IX Policy Reform

The members of Swarthmore College Delta Upsilon stand in support of reforming the College’s Title IX policies. We agree with the majority of our classmates that the current system does not fully protect the rights of survivors of sexual assault, who have continuously struggled to receive the proper resources and support they need. This fact is why it is absolutely necessary that we strive to create change on this campus. We want to be a part of the efforts to improve the system and a permanent partner in making these changes meaningful and long-lasting.

As members of the Swarthmore community, we believe that we have a responsibility to help promote an environment of safety and inclusivity. Our social events are intended to provide a lively and inclusive atmosphere where everyone feels safe, respected, and welcome. To accomplish this goal, we educate new and current members, on a yearly basis, through interactive Title IX trainings on topics such as Bystander Intervention, Consent, Gender & Sexuality, Alcohol & Other Drugs, and Masculinity. During social events, at least two members volunteer to work with SwatTeam and Party Hosts to make sure the environment is safe and intervene in situations where people need help. We take these steps not out of a self-serving compulsion to minimize risk, but because it is the right thing to do. This work is important to us because it is indisputable that issues like sexual assault, racism, and discrimination of any sort are fundamentally wrong and have no place within our organization or the Delta Upsilon house. Nonetheless, it is clear that these issues remain prevalent in the Swarthmore community and we recognize that we need to do more. Everybody’s input is crucial to creating a permanent, positive change at Swarthmore, so it is our sincere hope that we can work alongside the student body to begin significant reform.

We will soon resume our weekly anonymous party surveys so we can receive feedback on how we’re doing. We understand that not everybody feels comfortable telling an individual member in our organization about negative experiences they’ve had in our space, but this by no means should be a reason why their troubles go unaddressed. We hope these party surveys will prove to be an effective anonymous feedback mechanism we can rely on to hold ourselves as fraternity and community members to a higher standard. Although this is not a comprehensive solution, we are eager to work on the new ideas that will surely follow. Ultimately, our goal is to mend our past shortcomings as an organization, both internally and through external relations. By being more proactive in reforming our space, we will not shy away from challenges that will make Swarthmore the campus that every community member deserves. Thank you for taking the time to read our statement and, as always, we encourage you to contact us with any questions, comments, or concerns.


The Brothers of Swarthmore Delta Upsilon Fraternity


Efrain Cordova ‘18
Sam Alofsin ‘18
Charles Kuchenbrod ‘18
Jackson Ramey ‘18
Jaron Shrock ‘18
Sandro Bulbulashvili ‘18
Matthew Czernik ‘18
Mandius Lundal ‘18
Alexander Morrell ‘18
Max Kassan ‘18
Nico Aldaco ‘19
Conor Elliott ‘19
Nicholas DiMaio ‘19
Zach Gonzalez ‘19



Charles Groppe ‘19  
Navid Kiassat ‘19
Zheng Fang ‘19
Andrei Boiko ‘19
Noah Landay ‘19
Tennyson Teece ‘19
Charles Levitt ‘19
Dimitri Kondelis ‘20
William Line ‘20
Avery Liu ‘20
Alvin Lubetkin ‘20
James Rutledge ‘20
Adam Schauer ‘20
Daya Shrestha ‘20

Ryan Warm ‘20
Jacob Brady ‘20
Max Grullon ‘20
Ian Cairns ‘20
Kevin Farrell ‘20
Holden Bridge ‘20
Gursimran Pannu ‘20
Daniel Boehmler ‘20
Tyler Pasko ‘20
William Khan ‘21
Coleson Hebble ‘21
Derek Kinsella ‘21
Ankur Malik ‘21