[Poetry] Wednesday Night

Aren't you an Econ Bro?

Don't you believe in rational choice?

What’s rational about risking your life?

        Did you forget about Pulse?

What’s rational about risking your family?

        Your community?

                Your reputation?

                        Your friends?

Who would choose to be oppressed?

Who organized all the masochists

        And put them in line

        So they could wait to be marginalized?

        Is Walmart selling identities now?

        Half-off on systemic barriers?

        Who has the best deal on pain?

        This must be

        The capitalist exploitation

        You dream of

        At night.


You actually told me

That I couldn't change your mind.

        And I



And what could I do?

        Argue to a brick wall?


I had to sit there,

And let you be homophobic,

        Thinking you're progressive,

        Believing you’ve got cures

        To all the world's problems.

        You've got poison in your brain.

        Years and years of historic oppression.

        And you think they're harmless.

        You think they're right.

        And you won't even try to listen.

Stop hiding behind your neoliberal bullshit.


When you say

        Ignorant things,

        Problematic things,

        Harmful things,

        You laugh,

        And your friends think you're joking.

        They think you're a child

        Who doesn’t actually know what he’s saying,

        Who couldn't possibly mean it,

        And you’re always drunk

                 (Or high)

        So they blame it on that too.

You’re not a child.

        And you’re responsible

                For the things that you say,

                And the things that you believe.

I'm holding you accountable now.

        I hope they will too.


I cannot be any level of friend

To you,

If I even pretend

To be a friend

To the people

You think

Don't exist.