Survivors’ Self-Care Checklist

survivors' self-care checklist


Photo Courtesy of kagechiyo at  Flickr.

Photo Courtesy of kagechiyo at Flickr.

In light of the tension, controversy, and difficult conversations occurring on campus, the Editor-In-Chief and Managing Editor of Voices want to offer a space of healing and care for all survivors (and those who don’t identify with this term). We recognize that this list is neither universal nor definitive, but hope that we can provide guidance, solace, and light to those who may need it. As two survivors, we assert that engaging in these practices is not always easy. Yet we hope that openly discussing the ways in which we engage in self-care might contribute to a wider campus conversation around individual healing.




You have permission:



To tell, or not tell, your story.

You have agency in choosing if, when, and how often you share your story--

 You don’t owe it to anything or anyone.



To refuse to allow anyone to silence you in any way.

Choosing not to share your story and choosing not to be heard are two different things.



To choose which terms (ex. ‘Survivor,’ ‘victim’), movements, and healing processes you identify with

No one can tell you how to feel. You decide how you feel.



To control the actualization of your own narrative.

 Whether your story is loud, quiet, frequently or infrequently told, it matters.



Put your health before anything or anyone else.

You are not at the world’s disposal. You deserve to be nurtured

Your existence has boundless value.



Partake in the things that bring you joy.

Your happy place won’t always bring you immediate content, but you deserve fulfillment.



To take mental health days.

In any circumstance, setting, and predicament, your experiences are valid.



To listen to your own life’s timeline.

You are not on anyone else’s watch. You have the right to take your time.



To opt out of harmful discourse/conversations.

Your existence is not for anyone but yourself. Your fight does not have to mirror anyone else’s.

You are your first priority.



To breathe deeply and reflectively.

You are allowed to breathe in and breathe out.

You are allowed to meditate at your discretion.

 You are allowed to release pent-up tension throughout each day.



To remove or reduce time around toxic people and entities in your life.

You deserve to process how any person or entity contributes to your wellbeing.

You have complete dictation over your course of action or inaction.



To allow yourself to feel pleasure.

You have the right to celebrate, indulge, and invest in yourself.

Your self love is radical, revolutionary, necessary and enough.