[Poetry] that night

cw: sexual assault


that night


red haze hung low trembling

with bass vibrating muddy soles

grass stained skin tight pants up into

my skull reverberating, swaying

to that smooth beat. your hand clasped


too tight around my wrist harsh

rope dragging me and

palm glued to my waist

sweat seeping in

pants in skin

under shirt. stuck

to your hands, unable to move


you kissed me lips hot

heavy lead against mine

branding an outline

of your desire I can’t

wipe away, hotly sealing


my lips close over no’s

too large to sit quietly

in my mouth. when you

let go, I still feel you

wet hot heavy

no’s fused

to breathless quivers—


they drag salt down my cheeks

to fill the empty hollow

left on my tongue and then

they drag me down.