WRC Associates Statement in Support of Survivors

After intense reflection and conversation on the recent events on campus concerning survivors and Title IX policy, the WRC associates would like to reiterate that we work to build a safe space, open to all survivors no matter their experience and regardless of the ways in which they choose to voice that experience.

As associates, we support radical Title IX reform. We believe a change in campus culture is necessary. We believe that significant, holistic administrative change is imperative. We believe that survivors must be prioritized.

For the WRC, this necessary prioritization comes in the form of being a genuinely inclusive and safe space built upon a foundation of collaboration and openness. For those who have experienced a violation of their physical and emotional boundaries, we hope to offer you a space of community and healing. We also recognize that healing is not linear —triggers are valid and can cause setbacks in healing, independent of available resources.

We support survivors who are putting in immense time, effort, and emotional labor to engage in activism. If you have had a personal experience with sexual violence you have the power to or not to identify with the term survivor and to engage through your own capacity and will*. You do not have to identify with a specific term, narrative, or course of action and your decision does not invalidate your experience(s). Activism has many facets and takes on many different forms. We want to offer a special branch of support and space of healing for survivors who feel their voices are going unheard in the current climate. That being said, our intentions are not to be divisive, but rather to ensure validity and solidarity among all survivors across the board.

Feminism should strive to be inclusive of all stories and voices. The entitlement in many spaces is unacceptable, and to create meaningful change, we need to acknowledge and be aware of the power dynamics that are deeply rooted in our campus community. This campus is in need of change and reform around Title IX policy. We feel that in order to implement lasting change, unity among those who have experienced sexual violence should be central to all parts of the process. We hope to offer the WRC as a space to foster this unity.

The WRC wholly and passionately denounces the notion that any one narrative or voice is more important than another. Not all narratives get the same attention and we want to be clear that we are reiterating our place on campus as a home away from home for all who seek comfort. All narratives are valid; the loudest voice is never the only one that should be heard. Whether you scream your story from the mountain top or whisper it to the depths of the ocean, you are valid. Your experience is valid. And the WRC is here to support you.

Niyah Morgan-Dantzler     Lucy Jones                      Andi Cheng

Susan Gonzalez                 Samira Saunders              Alex Marsh

Shreya Chattopadhyay          Lauren Savo                 Lillian Fornof               AynNichelle Slappy