Women+ in Political Science Letter of Support for Organizing for Survivors' Title IX Policy Demands

As members of Women+ in Political Science, we stand in solidarity with survivors and their allies. We fully support Organizing for Survivors (O4S) and their Title IX policy change demands. Swarthmore College must be held accountable for its wrongdoing. The administration has disrespected and demoralized survivors for long enough. It must stop.

We demand that the College apologize for its past failures. Moving forward, we demand that the College prevents further failures by treating survivors and allies with respect, addressing sexual violence on campus, and changing policies in accordance with O4S’s demands.

We are a student organization that advocates for the well-being of women and non-binary students within our department. We commit to calling on faculty within the Political Science department to stand with us as well. We are determined to continue conversations about holding the institution accountable and reforming Title IX policy with prospective students, our classmates, and members of the alumni community.

Issues of sexual harassment and sexual assault must be handled properly, with utmost respect to those seeking justice. Currently, Swarthmore College maintains a bureaucratic system that unfortunately protects the interests of the institution, rather than the rights of survivors. It doesn’t have to be this way. We deserve a system that encourages us to seek justice when we have been harmed. We demand that Swarthmore College makes that happen through concrete policy changes and accountability mechanisms. We encourage other student groups and organizations, alumni, and faculty members, to join us in supporting the needs of survivors through substantive action and critical engagement.

In solidarity with O4S,

Madeleine Pattis         Cindy Lim        Amorina Pearce

Women+ in Political Science Executive Board

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