Swarthmore Athletes' Statement of Solidarity with Organizing For Survivors (O4S)

This is a statement on behalf of Swarthmore Student Athletes to declare our support for sexual assault survivors and allies as they strive to implement crucial changes in Title IX policies. There are 22 varsity sports teams that make up almost 36% of Swarthmore’s student body population. We have survivors among us, and it is time for us to stand up for our teammates, friends, and community. We stand with O4S as they hold Swarthmore’s administration accountable for neglecting the needs and safety of survivors, and pressure the administration to take reformative actions to minimize the possibility of future sexual violence.

We would specifically like to address the policy demands that call for an end to fraternity housing and the termination of Swarthmore’s leases with Phi Psi and Delta Upsilon. Flyers addressing this issue have been continuously removed by Public Safety officers, and this demand has sparked a great deal of conversation between students inside and outside of Swarthmore’s athletic community. The frats have long been associated with athletics on campus, and we recognize our unique positionality within our community. Therefore, let us reiterate: we stand in full support of Organizing For Survivors and all of their demands.

We acknowledge that there is sure to be controversy within the athletic community concerning the fraternities, but we cannot remain silent regarding the injustices that arise as a result of these organizations on campus. To remain neutral on this topic would only perpetuate the culture of disregarding sexual violence that has pervaded Swarthmore’s administration for so long, and we will not act as contributors to this system of institutional injustice.

Therefore, we refuse to be silent. We support and thank the resilient survivors and allies who are undertaking the extremely difficult yet crucial work of organizing. We urge all members of Swarthmore’s Athletic community to reflect upon where they stand in terms of support for O4S, and to ask themselves what systems of injustice they are perpetuating through their silence. We encourage everyone to get involved in whatever ways they can. Help hold the Administration accountable for their actions, so that Swarthmore College may actually embody their “professed values of inclusion and justice.”

Swarthmore Athletes in Solidarity with O4S:



Sarah Girard, Volleyball/T&F

Alex Frost, W Soccer

Lilly Price, XC/T&F

Irina Bukharin, XC/T&F

Guin Mesh, Volleyball

Susan Fain, XC/T&F

Emma Morgan-Bennett, Volleyball

Isabel Erickson, XC/T&F

Eric Chen, XC

Emma Tapp, W Soccer

Lelosa Aimufua, Volleyball

Rachel Vresilovic, T&F/Volleyball

Claire Conley, T&F

Tess Wild, W Lacrosse

Christina Labows, W Lacrosse

Belle Andrews, Volleyball

Clare Perez, Field Hockey

Ben Charo, XC/T&F

Ellory Laning, Field Hockey

Jane Blicher, Field Hockey

Isabella Fiorante, Field Hockey

Chelsea Semper, Field Hockey

Zelda Bank, Field Hockey

Izzy Branco-Lo, W Soccer

Hanna Gutow, XC/T&F

Nicole Phalen, Field Hockey

Lillian Fornof, W Lacrosse

Sierra Sweeney, XC/T&F

Sadie Camilliere, W Lacrosse

Eliza Wainwright, W Lacrosse

Elizabeth Labows, W Lacrosse

Reed Orchinik, T&F

Mehra den Braven, Volleyball

Lizzy Stant, Field Hockey

Sophia Lee, Swimming

Jeffrey Mun, Swimming

Elizabeth Conca, Volleyball

Matthew Lucker, Swimming

Eléonore Moser, W Soccer/W Basketball

Judah Raab, T&F

Benjamin Warren, XC/T&F

Madison Snyder, T&F

Sarah Smith, XC/T&F

Blake Oetting, M Tennis

Hannah Thompson, Softball

Sayaka Vaules, Swimming/T&F

Sarah Dobbs, XC/T&F

Bridget Scott, Volleyball/W Basketball

Anna Scheibmeir, W Tennis

Raina Williams, W Basketball

Rachel Bronkema, W Tennis

Arya Jemal, W Tennis

Ashley Gao, W Tennis

Shirline Wee, W Tennis

May Dong, W Tennis

Rachel M. Hechinger, W Tennis

Simran Khanna, T&F

Max Gruber, M Tennis

Mirayda Martinez, T&F

Taylor Chiang, W Lacrosse

Sophie Moody, Swimming

Shivani Gupta, W Tennis

Omri Gal, M Soccer

Nick Ambiel, M Soccer

Amy Harris, W Soccer

Sydnie Xiong Schwarz, W Lacrosse

Pauline McMurry, XC/T&F

Yasmeen Namazie, W Soccer

Samantha Martin, Field Hockey

Grace Taylor, W Soccer

Seneca Kinn-Gurzo, W Soccer

Grayson Mick (XC/T&F)

Louise Rosler (W Soccer, T&F)

Frank Kenny (XC/T&F)

 Ben Hejna (T&F)

Jordan Reyes, XC/T&F

Phoebe Whiteside, XC/T&F

Becky Tang, T&F

Lucas Heinzerling, XC/T&F

Lucy Decker, Softball

Kayla Camacho, T&F

Diane Lee, Swimming

Michael Lutzker, Swimming

Charlotte Pohl, W Soccer

Sydney Covitz, W Soccer

Tiffany Wang, XC/T&F

Kathryn Restrepo, W Lacrosse

Emma Novak, XC/T&F

Graham Doskoch, XC/T&F

Alyssa Nathan, Volleyball

Sophia Stills, W Soccer

Andrew Prior, XC/T&F

Sierra Bienz, Swimming

Jasmine Moy, Badminton

Hannah Kloetzer, Swimming

Meghan Kelly, XC/T&F

Jennifer Beltran, T&F

Marin McCoy, W Soccer

Raveesh Koul, Swimming

Emily Kibby, Volleyball

McKenzie Himelein-Wachowiak, XC/T&F

Robert Eppley, T&F

Laura Geary, T&F

Maddy Carens, W Soccer

Kimberly Rosa-Perez, XC/T&F

Emily Sokol, W Lacrosse

Harrison Hotham, M Soccer

Oliver Steinglass, M Soccer

Aidan Stoddard, M Soccer

Felix Laniyan, M Soccer/T&F

Alex Marsh, Softball

Jiung Jung, M Tennis

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