Student Philanthropy Council Letter of Support for Organizing for Survivors' Title IX Policy Demands

The Student Philanthropy Council (SPC) stands with survivors and their allies. We are in full support of Organizing for Survivors and their Title IX Demands. We are college employees and volunteers who firmly believe in holding the College accountable to those it has wronged. With O4S, we demand that the College apologize for its wrongdoings and implement policy changes that adequately meet the needs of survivors and the student body.

As a group of students who are dedicated to philanthropy, it is important that we affirm the goal of philanthropy: to do good and to help others. In order to remain true to our mission, it is our duty to openly oppose the college's actions. We are also dedicated to promoting student understanding of how student philanthropy helps Swarthmore College, and we recognize that Swarthmore must be deserving of the philanthropy it receives. Alumni contributions to the college support many opportunities on campus. To this day, members of the alumni community call on Swarthmore to address its wrongdoings before they will support the college financially.

We ask people to tell us what they love about Swarthmore every year during one of our campus events. With that in mind, we also recognize our obligation to listen when they tell us about the reasons they do not love Swarthmore. In our efforts to promote the Senior Class Gift this year, we will provide mechanisms for students to share feedback to the administration along with any contribution they make by including written messages with those contributions. During the remainder of this semester and in future semesters, SPC will dedicate time and resources to compiling this feedback and delivering it to the administration. We welcome and encourage collaboration and suggestions from the broader campus community in this endeavor. In addition, We encourage students to restrict their donations to programs such as the Student Emergency Fund, which benefits any unexpected non-tuition expenses for students who are first generation, low-income, or belong to traditionally underrepresented backgrounds - this includes benefiting survivors who identify as such. 

We stand with survivors, and will not prioritize the institution that has wronged them. Their claims are valid and their demands are just. Swarthmore College must be held accountable for its historical and ongoing harmful policies. We are committed to supporting survivors and reforming Title IX policy. We encourage other College employees, student groups and organizations, and community members to join us in demonstrating and practicing support of O4S with concrete action and engagement.

In solidarity with O4S,

Robert Zipp                    James Garcia

Amorina Pearce            Olivia Robbins                   Blake Wang