SISA Statement of Solidarity with Organizing for Survivors

The Swarthmore Indigenous Students Association formally offers its support to Organizing for Survivors for their Title IX Policy Change Demands. For far too long sexual violence survivors on this campus have gone unprotected while their aggressor's lives and actions are prioritized over campus safety. All people on Swarthmore's campus deserve to feel comfortable and affirmed. It is the duty of this administration to make any and every policy change necessary to supporting survivors of violence.

Native American women in this country experience violence at some of the highest rates. Over 4 in 5 Native women will experience violence in their lifetime. Over half of Native women will experience sexual violence in their lifetime. Indigenous women in the US are significantly more likely to experience violence by an interracial perpetrator than any other group, and significantly less likely to experience violence by an intraracial perpetrator. These numbers do not escape Swarthmore. So long as this institution is willing to protect perpretrators of violence on this campus, this institution is willing to contribute to these statistics. It is important to note that these numbers reflect individuals who deserve to be protected beyond their inclusion in statistics. It is also important to note that these numbers extend to our Native brothers in high rates, and our brothers and sisters of color experience violence at similarly high rates. Most importantly SISA believes that all people should be free from the levels of violence and disrespect Swarthmore currently supports.

For all of these reasons and countless more SISA offers solidarity and love to all survivors on Swarthmore's campus and O4S. 

The Swarthmore Indigenous Students Association,

Julia Wakeford                                       Taty (Kelly) Hernandez

Samuel Leonard                                     Keyanna Ortiz-Cedeno

Ian Ortiz                                                 Aydan Prime

Sky Deswart