DPA Letter of Support for Organizing for Survivors' Title IX Policy Demands

As Diversity Peer Advisors (DPAs) it is critical that we articulate our support for survivors and their allies. We stand in full support of Organizing for Survivors (O4S) and their Title IX policy change demands. We are college employees who firmly believe in holding the College accountable to those it has wronged. Thus, with O4S, we demand that the College prevent further wrongdoings through concrete policy change that effectively addresses sexual violence on campus.


We prioritize our responsibility as DPAs to be a resource for individuals navigating complex issues of identity and social justice above our responsibility to the College itself. We refuse to be part of the legacy of employees protecting the institution that employs them in the face of the historic and continuing injustice it perpetuates.  Swarthmore College must answer for its unjust and harmful policies; we refuse to blindly uphold them. Our duty to people will always outweigh our duty to the institutions that consolidate power. We are committed only to protecting survivors, and never the institution that has wronged them.


As individual advocates of diversity, inclusion, and social justice, as DPAs, peers, friends, and as mandated reporters, we are committed to serving as resources for allies and survivors in any possible way and protecting the rights of student activists. We are determined to continue conversations about holding the institution accountable and reforming Title IX policy with our residents, colleagues, and supervisors. We encourage other College employees, Residential Peer Leaders, student groups and organizations to join us in demonstrating and practicing support of O4S with concrete action and engagement.


In solidarity with O4S,

Evangeline Adjei-Danquah

Lelosa Aimufua

Saskia Bock

Joy George

Diana Martínez

Citlali Pizarro

Coleman Powell

Amber Sheth

Jay Smack

Naja Smith

Elizabeth Gonzalez