Welcome Back On Our Journey:  A Letter to the Swarthmore Community

Dear Swarthmore Community,


Welcome back on our journey. It has been a long, fast-moving, and flourishing journey, but it has not been one without mistakes, mishaps, or flaws. As we approach our second semester as a publication, we are constantly critical of ourselves, of our mission, and of our place in the Swarthmore Community. We remain attempting to not only witness the multiple truths of Swarthmore, but to always hold ourselves accountable and our integrity to its highest standards. In this realm, we can never pretend we are “woke”—we must always acknowledge that we are on an infinite, ever-moving journey towards awakening.

Awakening does not mean reaching the end of our journey, but rather constantly acknowledging we “aren’t quite there yet,” and we never will be. How can we truly be who we want to be without constantly reflecting on who we are? Our allyship and solidarity is always improving. We are all dedicated to Voices’ mission of inclusivity and empowerment, but we never stop asking ourselves if we are following through with our goals.

This movement is grounded in love, community, compassion, and empowerment. We did not build this movement on hate, divisiveness, or antagonization. There is too much hate in the world already for Voices to instigate more. We do not seek to actively attack people, but rather, to call everyone into action, to think critically amongst our community and to challenge ourselves to grow. That begins with our editors, our staff, and our publication as a whole. The greater our sense of community, the stronger Voices will be.

In our Mission Statement from October 6th, we wrote:

We are women. We are men. We are non-binary. We are people of color. We are non-POC. We are on the LGBT spectrum. We are all different, but those differences paint a beautiful picture. We all have a mission of making this world a better place through social action. We ask the question: Whose stories get told and why? We want to dissect that question, and ask ourselves how we can uplift all of them.

Voices is not to be an ultimate, unchanging monopoly, but rather to constantly challenge ourselves, and each other, to grow. We are on our journey, and the more we embrace the process of reaching our destination, rather than assuming we have already reached it, the closer we’ll get to our destiny.

We do not claim to be or want to be “The Voice”. We are Voices. And with that, we hope you will join our journey, and make your voice heard, as well.


With love and in solidarity,

Lindsey Norward, Editor-In-Chief

Lali Pizarro, Managing Editor

Tiffany Wang, News Editor

Lelosa Aimufua, Social Media Editor

Kenneth Bransdorf, Fiction Editor

AynNichelle Slappy, Perspectives Editor, SASS President

Tessa Hannigan, News Editor

Josie Hung, Contributing Editor

Ethan Yoo, Perspectives Editor