[Poetry] Saying Me Too

I couldn’t bring myself to say me too.

The words wouldn’t leave my lips.

They wouldn’t appear on my computer screen when I tried to type.

I didn’t say me too.

The memories of losing control of my body were burned into my brain.

And I couldn’t say me too.

Images of strong women reclaiming their bodies were etched into my soul.

Still I wouldn’t say me too.

For a dark moment a long time ago, my body didn’t belong to me.

So I didn’t say me too.   

I am ashamed that I didn’t know how to take it back.

I don’t know how to say me too.

On days when I can’t find the woman I want to be, I still blame myself.

On those days I don’t say me too.

But I’m beginning to love the woman I know I am.

Is it too late to say me too?