WOCKA Letter of Support for BDS Campaign

Those of us in WOCKA (Womxn of Color Kick Ass) stand with and support Swarthmore Students for Justice In Palestine’s BDS movement. Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions is a movement that calls for an economic, cultural and academic boycott of the Israeli apartheid state. Supporting the Swarthmore BDS campaign is a crucial step in a greater movement towards challenging the Islamophobia and the overall racial violence that is enacted through the colonial occupation of Palestine. Swarthmore College claims to strive towards cultivating an environment for students to become “innovative and ethical leaders who can build intentional communities dedicated to the common good” all the while, this institution is actively engaging and promoting actions of extreme violence and destruction towards the Palestinian population. As of right now, Swarthmore supports companies like Caterpillar, which supplies the Israeli military, and Hewlett-Packard (HP) which also supplies the Israeli military with the technology that has the led to the countless murders of Palestinians, while at the same time enabling access to the tools used in the checkpoint system, which functions as a prevalent medium of social control that prevents many Palestinians from moving freely throughout their own homeland.

Therefore, we believe that it is important to hold Swarthmore accountable to their mission and to take active action by divesting away from the Israeli Apartheid. We show solidarity with SJP, and we encourage you to fill out their petition here to support the BDS movement.