On Solidarity: A Letter to the Swarthmore Community

Dear Swarthmore Community,

As the fall 2018 semester comes to a close, we, as Editor-In-Chief and Managing Editor of Voices, want to thank and recognize the hard work of student organizations on campus, many of whose stories and experiences have been featured in Voices over the past year. Recently, we have witnessed an outpouring of support for Students for Justice in Palestine’s (SJP) Boycott, Sanctions, and Divestment (BDS) Campaign. Letters of solidarity have come from a wide range of organizations on campus, from affinity groups like SASS, to the interns at the Interfaith and Intercultural Centers, to advocacy groups like STAR, all seeing their fights for justice as intertwined.

Voices originated from a place of protest, but also one of joy, love, and solidarity. We recognize the political nature of journalism and the power that words hold in upholding or dismantling systems of oppression. We do not profess to be neutral, but rather, to stand on the side of historically underrepresented and marginalized groups. We invite everyone to reflect on questions of positionality and moral obligation.

We expect next semester to be one of continued fights; for justice in Palestine, for Title IX reform, for ethnic studies, for environmental justice, for a world without prisons, and beyond. Voices will continue to stand in solidarity with the most marginalized among us. To that end, we ask, what does true solidarity look like at Swarthmore? Letters of support are important, but what we do after we write them is even more critical.

Whether you have just discovered Voices or have been a member of the Collective since the beginning, we welcome you in reading and listening to the multiple truths of the Swarthmore Community and finding your place in it.

A fight does not end with a letter of solidarity, but it can certainly begin there. Voices pledges to continue supporting and fighting alongside those engaged in the struggle of fighting for the recognition of their humanity and the humanity of others. Thank you for your struggle. We are standing with you.

In love and solidarity,

Lali Pizarro and Tiffany Wang

Editor-In-Chief and Managing Editor of Voices