COLORS Solidarity for O4S

We, the COLORS Board, stand with Organizing For Survivors (O4S). We have witnessed the inaction of the administration in response to O4S's demands, and are appalled by the administration's lack of engagement. As a group representative of marginalized identities -- including those directly addressed by O4S -- we feel it imperative to stand in solidarity with survivors and those that represent them.

People with marginalized identities, and especially Womxn of Color are most frequently antagonized by sexual assault policy, even when they turn to the system for help. Professional spheres of court and law, disciplinary policies in academia and other institutions, all work together in characterizing the sexual lives of POC through pathology. In general, Title IX has been under attack across higher education institutions.

We highly encourage President Valerie Smith and Swarthmore College administration to act swiftly and justly.

In Solidarity,