Muslim Students Association Letter of Support for BDS Campaign

We, as the Muslim Students Association and as students of the broader Swarthmore community, have assembled to issue a statement of solidarity with the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) campaign launched by Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP). We would like to formally support SJP’s demands for the Swarthmore administration to stop funding and profiting off of an apartheid state that has enforced a violent military occupation in the Palestinian territories and committed numerous atrocities against Palestinians. As SJP has noted, Swarthmore invests in companies that enable Israel to demolish Palestinian homes, expand illegal settlements in the Palestinian territories, use biometric ID cards to maintain segregation, arbitrarily arrest and imprison Palestinians, and indiscriminately target them with missile strikes and chemical warfare.

We look to the occupation of Palestine and see parallels globally. We know of the role that Islamophobia has played in justifying this occupation and have seen the growth of worldwide fear and hatred of Muslim populations—from China criminalizing Islam and forcing Uighur Muslims into internment camps, to Myanmar ethnically cleansing and expelling Rohingya Muslims from their homes, to the United States Supreme Court upholding the ban of Muslim refugees. These events are not occurring in isolation. The demonization of Muslim populations and the equalization of Islam as a religion of violence and terrorism is used to justify the Israeli government in maintaining its colonial occupation and apartheid regime.

With this recognition, we believe that justice for the struggles Muslims face worldwide can also be found in the movement for Palestinian liberation. We stand in solidarity with SJP and those working to end these systems of colonization, occupation, and apartheid. As Swarthmore students and residents of the United States, we are not only addressing our complicity but our active investment in companies that directly enable these oppressive systems to maintain their power.

As the MSA, we vow to place our time, energy, and resources into helping SJP in their BDS campaign. We pledge to support SJP in their actions and commit ourselves to their movement. We encourage the broader Swarthmore community to learn more about the BDS movement for Palestinian liberation and attend the teach-in SJP will be hosting this Tuesday the 20th at 4:15pm in the Sproul IC Dome.

Sign SJP’s petition to divest from apartheid here.

More information about the Swarthmore BDS campaign can be found here and here.

In Solidarity,

MSA Board 2018-2019