In Response to Comments Made at "Parrish Is Burning"

This past Friday was Pride Month Committee’s annual drag show, “Parrish is Burning.” Those who attended witnessed a series of tasteless and insensitive comments by some of the performers regarding anti-Semitism and sexual assault. We will not repeat the comments in this statement as we feel these topics are not to be made light of.  Due to the nature of these performances, the queens’ commentary occurs on the spot and is not run by the committee beforehand. We find these comments to be inappropriate and inexcusable, especially in light of the current political climate within the United States at large, and more specifically at Swarthmore.

We intended to create a fun, safe space in which anyone and everyone could come to appreciate and enjoy the art of drag. Unfortunately, because of the comments made, that space was violated. We recognize that drag is a form of art that pushes boundaries and incorporates satire, yet we feel that the queens in question incorporated topics into their routines that are no laughing matter.

What happened at this show does not reflect our views or goals as a committee or as individuals. We are committed to ensuring a safe space for queer students and their allies. Moving forward, we do not plan to invite the  queens in question back to campus in any capacity. We want to thank everyone that came out to our event and sincerely apologize to those whose experience was negatively impacted by these comments.


Pride Month Committee

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