SISA Statement of Solidarity with SASS

The Swarthmore Indigenous Student's Association would like to publicly offer our support to SASS and their boycott of the Daily Gazette. Too often in Swarthmore's history marginalized groups' voices have been forced aside from the opinions of those that uplift white supremacy. SISA joins ENLACE in this sentiment.

Most recently with the op-ed "Kaepernick's Well-Intentioned but Ineffectual Protest" the Daily Gazette has shown a clear lack of consideration for marginalized communities. This is not the first time this has happened and clearly until actions are taken it will not be the last. It is the opinion of SISA that so long as any publication or group on this campus contributes to oppression of marginalized groups, the suppression of their voices, or settler colonialism in any regard that the students and the Intercultural Community should stand in opposition to them. Our hearts go out to the Black community on this campus at this time. Our actions and bodies are offered in any way that could be helpful.

The Swarthmore Indigenous Students Association aims to offer solidarity and love to all of our kinfolk in the IC collective and to the students on this campus who commit themselves to fighting white supremacy and settler colonialism in their lives. 

In Solidarity with SASS,

The Swarthmore Indigenous Students Association

Julia Wakeford

Tessa Chambers

Taty (Kelly) Hernandez

Sam Leonard

Sky Deswert

Aydan Prime

Ian Ortiz

Sara Leonard