In light of recent campus events, the ENLACE Executive Board has deemed it necessary to publicly declare our solidarity with the Swarthmore African-American Student Society (SASS) in their decision to boycott the Daily Gazette and to support alternative platforms that voice and uplift the opinions of marginalized students on campus. To that point, we fully back SWARTHMORE VOICES as a reliable, reflective, and necessary campus publication.


The ENLACE Executive Board denounces the Daily Gazette’s op-ed titled “Kaepernick’s Well-Intentioned but Ineffectual Protest,” which polices and belittles Black methods of protest and expression. The op-ed has resulted in visible hurt among Black students on our campus, and this is not the first time publications by the Daily Gazette have caused harm to marginalized students (as demonstrated last fall). In this instance, we would like to make it clear that we do not support discussions that are unproductive in the greater effort to fight white supremacy. Instead, we demand that energy be redirected towards addressing the issues that affect and oppress the Black community.


ENLACE, similar to SASS, was founded on principles of community, respect, and inclusion. Therefore, we believe that it is crucial to highlight and encourage Black and Brown solidarity both within and beyond the Latinx community. We encourage everyone to join us by unsubscribing from the Daily Gazette and supporting inclusive outlets that actively encourage the participation of marginalized identities.   


In solidarity with SASS,

The ENLACE Executive Board

Ricardo Espino Freddy Bernardino         

Diana Martínez Maria Castañeda Soria

Stephanie Andrade Esteban Cabrera Duran

Karen Avila Mishel Figueroa

Jennifer Beltrán Jesus Hernandez

Taty Hernandez

Roberto Jimenez

Alejandra Sandoval