CIA Week Kickoff: Festivities, Fellowship, and Food





Yesterday afternoon, in Sci Commons, this year’s committee kicked off CIA Week with festivities, fellowship, and of course, food. The event started as 3:55 Tuesday seminars let out, and a stream of students showed up to participate. The chairpersons of CIA Week, Josie Hung ‘18, Jessica Hernandez ‘20, and Catríona Anderson ‘20, were busy making virgin margaritas, as a playlist featuring some modern hip hop, R&B, and alternative artists of color played on a speaker. The tone was light, and the long line facilitated some much needed mingling between Swatties returning from break.

CIA Week is off to a strong start. Last year’s festivities were highly attended and enjoyed by many. One student, Sydnie Schwarz ‘20, recalls some of her favorite CIA Week activities. “Last year, I attended the Multi panel and really enjoyed hearing about the experiences of students and staff members all over campus. I found that some of the themes were relatable and became more involved with the club. While my mother was visiting, we attended Kohlcella, and it was nice showing her around at such an exciting time.”

The food for the Kickoff was handpicked by the members. Hernandez ‘20 offered some insight into the thought that came behind their choices, “We wanted to uplift some of the great food options offered in the Ville. We had samosas from Aria, and sushi from Bamboo Bistro. We wanted to illustrate cultural diversity on campus, but also point out the fact that some places not too far off-campus were also great places for cultural experiences. We hope that CIA Week can give students, and organizations on and off campus a spotlight to share cultures and traditions that they hold dear. We hope that it can also be a learning experience for others.”

Voices hosted a “Humans of Swarthmore” booth, where students could have their picture taken, and offer stories about themselves. Look forward to the series in an issue of Voices later this week, and these photos on display at the CIA Week Showcase on Saturday, October 28th.

CIA Week will last until November 5. The rest of the activities can be viewed in the flyer, as well as on the “Bulletin.” on Voices main navigation menu.