our vision board.


SASS is the inspiration, soul, and heartbeat behind Voices.  SASS is an organization dedicated to the academic, political, and social growth of its members. We strive to maintain a strong, cohesive Black community. Our goals are to increase the number of Black students, faculty, and staff at Swarthmore; to infuse a greater Black perspective into the curriculum; to improve the quality of life for the Black community; and to advocate for the advancement of the Black community outside of Swarthmore.

enlace (latinx student organization)

ENLACE is a space for Latinx-identifying students to come together in community and solidarity. We provide social, educational, and political opportunities for students to engage with the many faces of Latinidad and to explore their identities. We host meetings, social gatherings, dinners, lectures, and other events that pertain to the Swarthmore Latinx community and to the many other intersections that affect us.

SISA (SWarthmore indigenous students association)

SISA is a student organization dedicated to the livelihoods and experiences of all indigenous students at Swarthmore. We offer support and programming to celebrate our wide array of heritages.

wocka (women of color kick ass)

WOCKA is a student organization focused primarily on mentoring, connecting, and supporting women of color in their Swarthmore endeavors. 


SQU is an organization that seeks to improve the life of queer, trans, and questioning students on campus. SQU is dedicated to building a community for these students to grow and learn together, and challenge social injustices through discussing and sharing experiences. SQU is a community group for students who self-identify as queer, trans, or questioning only. In addition to having weekly hour-long meetings on a range of topics and themes, SQU sponsors speakers, workshops, student/faculty/staff events, open meetings, awareness and outreach events, and parties throughout the year. SQU also has a history of advocating to the administration for queer and questioning issues related to student life, faculty, and curriculum.


SOLIS aims to advocate for students of underrepresented class backgrounds by connecting them to resources and helping them develop skills needed to navigate the world of elite higher education. Additionally, we hope to create a safe, inclusive, and united space in which students can discuss and share their unique experiences as low-income students at Swarthmore.



Students for Peace and Justice in Palestine was founded at Swarthmore as an activist and advocacy group to promote Palestinian human rights. Our mission is to end the occupation of Palestine and of the Palestinian people. We are not free until we are all free. We are not free until Palestine is free.

SAO (swarthmore asian organization)

SAO is a socio-political group for Asian/Asian American identifying students to engage with identity-based issues. We strive to establish a community and support network for APIA students, as well as start conversation about what it means for us to be Asian in America.


Multi is a community for people who self-identify with some multi heritage, such as multiracial, multiethnic, and/or transracial and transnational adoptees. Multi supports the exploration and navigation of multiple identities that are unaddressed or marginalized in mainstream society. Multi is for those looking for a home-base community at Swarthmore, as well as those looking for a bridge to other cultural groups; it is for those who have thought a lot about their identity as well as those just beginning to. With regular meetings, discussions, and special events we hope to foster new relationships and create a safe community that emphasizes belongingness and interconnectedness among community members.

colors (Qtpoc organization)

COLORS is a closed group for queer/trans students of color at Swarthmore. Our mission is to provide a safer private space for qtpoc in our community as well as promote dialogue with the larger community surrounding issues faced by qtpoc. COLORS goal is to educate as well as provide social spaces that are inclusive of all identities.

ABLLE (Achieving Black and Latino Leadership and Excellence)

ABLLE is a leadership club dedicated to supporting Black and Latino men on campus. Through our communal efforts and combined resources, we help our members make the most of their personal, professional, and academic lives at Swarthmore and beyond. We are also dedicated to giving back to our communities, striving to serve as role models, and actively participating in the Male Achievers program with high schoolers in nearby Chester.